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PRC Elite Basic Aquatics Controller

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The PRC Elite range of controllers provides effective dosing and pool control for small aquatics applications such as Spas, School and Community Pools.  Measure and Control for FAC and pH are available as standard with an optional ORP and pH model. 

The PRC Elite incorporates both a Chlorine and Acid dosing pump for a simple all in one installation.  

  • Amperometric Free Available Chlorine Measure & Control 0-5 PPM
  • Option: ORP Measure & Control instead of FAC (details below)
  • Chlorine Peristaltic Dose Pump 1.5 or 5L/hr, 1.5 Bar Back Pressure (50% Duty max.)
  • Acid Peristaltic Dose Pump 1.5 or 5L/hr, 1.5 Bar Back Pressure (50% Duty max.)
  • Plexiglass Probe Holder 
  • Flow Switch
  • Relay input for status of pump input 
  • Alarm Output
  • 100÷240 Vac, 50/60 Hz Power Supply 30 watt
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Supplied with accessory & installation kit 
  • Option to install ORP Probe and/or Temperature Probe

1.5 L/HR pump versions Indoor from 1m³ to 150m³.  Outdoor from 1m³ to 110m³
5.0 L/HR pump versions Indoor from 50m³ to 350m³.  Outdoor from 50m³ to 300m³

Care must be taken to the right sized controller is selected for the application.  Pumps will burn out if used in applications bigger than listed above or where continuous operation is required.  For these applications, we have other controllers more suitable.  

Dose pumps are designed to be used with standard pool water treatment chemistry:  

“Pool Chlorine” - Sodium Hypochlorite 12% 
“Pool Acid” - Hydrochloric Acid 25%

No warranty applies to applications where different or stronger concentrations have been used. 

Product Warranty, 1 year.