Chlorine Dioxide Systems

Chlorine Dioxide Systems

Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine Dioxide is ideal for water disinfection for potable consumption; food and beverage applications involving water for washing and as an ingredient and industrial water circuits for bacterial, slime and biofilm control. Potable water disinfection produces no THM’s and very low AOX. ClO2 is pH independent and generated on site. Chemical dosing systems are simple and compact.

Our Systems

WaterPro has supplied over 10 chlorine dioxide systems in New Zealand.  Our most popular models are EasyZon D systems which have the advantage of no dose pumps for manufacturing chlorine dioxide.  This reduces issues with priming of pumps and increases reagent draw accuracy.  

For larger applications, the EASYZON® Dd are well suited.  

WaterPro Service & Support

WaterPro is able to provide full support for your Chlorine Dioxide applications.  Our team has a mix of experience from application to scheduled service and equipment support.  

This starts with a site visit to survey requirements and size a system correctly for the application.  WaterPro provides a complete package including supply of chemical reagents, equipment and accessory specification, on site service and technical support at a price that will be affordable.  

Markets We Support

  • Food and Beverage
  • Commercial & Facilities
  • Municiple Drinking Water

Some of our systems and accessories are listed below.  For a customised offer please complete our inquiry form below and one of our experts will be in contact.  


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