Gas Chlorination

Gas Chlorination

Gas feed chlorination is a cost-effective solution for chlorination disinfection. 

Systems can be relitively simple and offer lower operational costs and a very compact footprint compared with other options.  

Other Features and Benefits:  

  • The most economic disinfectant available
  • Safe all-vacuum dosing operation using accurate and reliable proportional  flow control technology
  • Manual and automatic dosing control options
  • Automatic gas detection and shut-down in the event of accidental gas release

Lutz-Jesco offers a complete gas feed, control and safety solution, all from one brand.  In New Zealand it's a relitively new brand, however we have 10 installations to date.   Worldwide Lutz-Jesco has many large reference sites.  

WaterPro offers service of all brands of chlorine gas feed systems.  Our Service Technicians are certified chlorine chlorine gas handlers and are experienced and well trained.  

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