Water Softening

Water Softening

WaterPro specialises in Industrial, Residential and Drinking Water softener solutions.

Water Softening

Water softening units use strongly acidic ion-exchange resin to replace hardness components (calcium and magnesium ions) with sodium ions.

Instead of deposit-forming calcium hydrogen-carbonate more soluble sodium salts like sodium hydrogen-carbonate are produced. The hardness components are almost completely removed from the water; the residual hardness is less than  <1 ppm CaCO3.

As soon as the resin becomes depleted, it is regenerated with sodium chloride (salt); the calcium and magnesium ions attached to the resin are replaced by sodium ions again.

When using a simplex water softener only raw water is available during regeneration. If continuous soft water is required, a duplex water softening system must be selected.

Water softening is only an exchange of ions; the salt concentration in the water barely changes.

WaterPro installs and services a wide range of water softener systems for most sized applications with a specific focus on industrial high duty applications.  

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