Water Softeners

Water softening units use strongly acidic ion-exchange resin to replace hardness components (calcium and magnesium ions) with sodium ions.

Instead of deposit-forming calcium hydrogen-carbonate more soluble sodium salts like sodium hydrogen-carbonate are produced. The hardness components are thus almost completely removed from the water; the residual hardness is less than  <1 ppm CaCO3

As soon as the resin becomes depleted, it is regenerated with sodium chloride; the calcium and magnesium ions attached to the resin are replaced by sodium ions again.

When using a simplex water softener only raw water is available during regeneration. If continuous soft water is required, a duplex water softening system must be selected.

Water softening is only an exchange of ions; the salt concentration in the water hardly changes.

WaterPro can supply a wide range of water softeners. Simplex, duplex, timer or volume controlled and even regeneration based on water hardness. 

WaterPro can retrofit systems or provide a complete system ready for immediate use, mounted on a stainless steel skid.  The scope of our skid systems usually includes fine filtration, backflow preventer.  Electrical and Com's connections are ready in a termination cabinet mounted onto the skid.  

The WaterPro service team can provide preventative annual or on call service of water softeners and provide resin analysis and removal and exchange of old resin.  We can source a range of spare parts for most brands and stock a range of replacement resins. 

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