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Cooling Tower Water Treatment & Services

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WaterPro is focused on keeping your cooling towers running safely and efficiently.  We work to comply with:

  • AS/NZS 3666 (2011)
  • Building Act 2004 - Compliance Schedule Handbook (February 2014)
  • Auckland Property Maintenance and Nuisance Bylaw (September 2015)
  • Worksafe New Zealand fact sheet (January 2017)

The operation of cooling towers poses risks to human health and operational efficiency.  

WaterPro has demonstrated a 10 year history of delivering on its promise to provide a healthy environment whilst maintaining efficiency of plant and operations. 

Our team will keep your systems free of legionella and maintain your systems to ensure they are kept compliant and corrosion and scale free.  

Contact us directly to obtain a list of referees who will attest to our competencies or to obtain a quotation.