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Drinking Water Treatment

Our extensive range of products and acceptable solutions are used nationwide by Councils and Water Suppliers.

As competent industrial suppliers of in-situ water treatment systems, our extensive experience and industry knowledge enable us to develop unique solutions for many industry sectors in New Zealand.

  • Aquatics

    WaterPro has a significant portfolio of Aquatics focused treatment, chemical dosing and controllers from quality brands such as Evoqua Xylem, Lutz-Jesco and others.

    Our focus on delivery of quality products supported by trained and qualified service engineers.

  • Drinking Water

    WaterPro exclusivley distribute the Evoqua-Xylem atg UV systems in New Zealand.

    UV is often installed at municipal treatment plants to help provide multi-barrier protection against Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

    Systems are validated by UVDGM and meet the requirements of the drinking water standards regulated by Taumata Arowai.

  • Ultrapure Water

    High purity water is treated through multiple steps to meet the quality standards for critical applications.

    While most commonly used in the healthcare, lab, pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries, the standards of water quality can vary significantly for each user.

  • Small Water Supply

    Small water supplies require special attention to ensure the safety of people and provide simple cost effective solutions.

    We have treatment solutions for Bore, Surface Water and Irrigation water.

  • Service & Maintenance

    WaterPro's trained and qualified engineers are able to tackle the most complex service issues. We specialise in the service of a wide range of equipment including chemical dosing, UV, Chlorine gas and hypochlorite systems.

  • Chemical Dosing

    As the sole distributor of Lutz-Jesco chemical dosing pumps and accessories in New Zealand we are able to design, build, install and commission a wide range of chemical dosing solutions for most applications.

    From standard designs to custom builds we have the products and expertise to meet your requirements.