News & Updates

  • PID! (Proportional Integral Derivative) Control

    PID! (Proportional Integral Derivative) Control

    Did you know that……PID can save you money by offering better process control?…PID can help you maintain a setpoint, even with a variable process?…the days of over complex and confusing...

  • Portable Dosing Unit

    Portable Dosing Unit

    A client approached WaterPro with a request to develop a mobile chlorination system suitable for attachment to the rear of a utility vehicle for use in mobile water pipeline chlorination...

  • Live RO upgrade

    Live RO upgrade

    Full credit to the Auckland WaterPro team for delivering a live RO upgrade at a major laboratory site. Dual Herco Wassertechnik GmbH (PWG)  RO/EDI units producing purified water for analytical processes. 

  • Hawke's Bay Regional Aquatic Centre

    Hawke's Bay Regional Aquatic Centre

    Hawke's Bay Regional Aquatic Centre Pool Water Treatment The award winning and recently completed  Hawke's Bay Regional Aquatic Centre is set to change swimming for the region.  It is one of only a...

  • Improve chlorine gas safety

    Improve chlorine gas safety

    The WaterPro team recently delivered another project to improve chlorine gas safety and control.  The Lutz-Jesco Easycon GW range of chlorine gas leak detectors incorporate all the requriements for safe chlorine...