Portable Dosing Unit

Portable Dosing Unit

A client approached WaterPro with a request to develop a mobile chlorination system suitable for attachment to the rear of a utility vehicle for use in mobile water pipeline chlorination projects during commissioning. The system was engineered to proportionally dose chlorine to the flow rate while ensuring operator safety by preventing chemical spills.

The dosing pumps are equipped with back pressure and overpressure valves, solid suction lance with low level pump stops and enclosed within a bund equipped with a transparent perspex cover that can be easily removed. The entire system is securely mounted on Stainless Steel Unistrut and incorporates a water meter and 100mm pipework for integration into existing pipelines utilized for commissioning larger water systems.

The system uses Lutz-Jesco Memdos Smart LP dose pumps which have excellent turn down rates due to their stepper motor drive and full digital interface for ease of use.  

WaterPro is able to build a wide range of portable dosing solutions.  Contact Us to discuss your specific project requirements. 

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