Stepper Motor Dose Pumps

With it's powerful variable-speed stepper motor and a turn-down ratio of up to 1:3000 the Memdos range are well suited to heavy demand industrial dosing applications.  

The stepper-motor with its wear-free tooth belt drive, ensures a particularly homogeneous and gentle dosing process.  

Available in four versions LB, LD, LK and LP, the MEMDOS SMART provides a range of features, some are model dependant.  

  •  Dose Rate 2.4 l/h to 30.7 l/hr  model dependant
  •  Back Pressure 3 Bar to 20 Bar model dependant
  •  PVC, PP, PVDF and Stainless Steel dosing heads
  •  Microprocessor controlled drive
  •  Integrated dosing head venting facility (only MEMDOS SMART LP 2, LP 5 and   LP 10 with dosing head made of plastic)
  •  Suitable for wall and floor mounting
  •  Stroke frequency can be precisely adjusted via the keyboard
  •  Graphic display with multi-language menu
  •  Analogue input and pulse input (increase and reduction)
  •  Level input with early warning and main alarm
  •  Release input for external start/stop
  •  Supply amount displayed in various units
  •  Maximum delivery rate can be limited
  •  Diaphragm replacement programme
  •  2 Slow Motion modes for dosing viscous media
  •  Stroke feedback output
  •  Alarm relay output
  •  Batch dosing with interval and timer functions
  •  Dosing control input
  •  Diaphragm rupture input for leak monitoring
  •  Ethernet interface (optional)
  •  CSA and UL certified

Accessory sets consisting of a hose, injection nozzle and suction line are available to ensure the best outcomes and quick installation.

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