Woolworks eBoiler Pre-Treatment EDI & RO

Woolworks eBoiler Pre-Treatment EDI & RO

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The successful implementation of an 8-Megawatt Electric Boiler for Woolworks resulted in the reduction of 11,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually. 

The new plant replaced an old coal fired steam boiler which not only positions WoolWorks as a leader in the early-stage manufacturing of wool but also strengthens New Zealand's wool industry by attracting customers seeking eco-friendly products. 

As part of this project, WaterPro supplied and commissioned the water treatment equipment for the electric boiler water make up.  

This project involved multiple stages of treatment, multimedia, carbon, water softenening, reverse osmosis and finally electro-deionisation (EDI).  Particular advantages of this method are uninterrupted operation without need for chemicals for regeneration and small footprint.  Typical treated water conductivity of < 0.2 μS/cm has been consistantly produced now for almost 12 months of operation.  

The project was delivered ontime and involved working closely with water treatment partner Visentia and PEI Group.  

WaterPro is well positioned to partner with you on your high purity water treatment project with 6 plants now supplied and installed for various applications including R&D labs, Electric Boiler and Medical applications.