Water Treatment Chemicals

HVAC, process heating and cooling, boilers, ingredient and potable water systems demand uncompromising industrial strength solutions. It is critical to optimise water use, energy and operational efficiency, protect plant assets, reduce environmental impacts, and maximise health and safety.

The correct treatment programme can optimise your investment and operations, including MPI and foodgrade compliance. Using global technologies made here in New Zealand, with local support and expertise, we can help protect your water assets for the long term. 

  • Algae, legionella and microbial compliance control agents
  • Cooling tower and condenser corrosion control
  • Heat exchanger antiscalants
  • Hot and cold closed-loop corrosion inhibitors
  • Multifunction treatment additives for hot, cold and geothermal systems
  • Oxidising biocides and disinfectants including chlorine dioxide
  • Steam boiler and condensate treatment systems
  • System descalants, cleaning and passivation
  • Dosing and control systems

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