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V-GUARD 230 Alkalinity Builder

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V-GUARD 230 alkalinity builder is a solution of pure alkali specifically formulated to prevent product freezing under most conditions. It is used to raise the pH of feedwater and maintain the alkalinity of boiler water.

Feedwater pH adjustment is needed to control corrosion. Adequate boiler water alkalinity is required to maintain silica soluble and cause precipitation of calcium and magnesium hardness as the desired sludges and to prevent corrosion.

V-GUARD 230 should be continuously metered as a solution to the pre-boiler section or directly to the boiler.  This product may be mixed with other compatible boiler
water treatment chemicals.

 V-GUARD 230 is available for sale in 20, 200 and 1000 KG product sizes.  

For user instructions please please refer to the Product Data Sheet or consult a WaterPro Technical Consultant.  For Safety Information, please refer to the SDS Sheet.