Memdos Smart X Dose Pumps

The Smart Series


For demanding and complex metering tasks, the new generation of MEMDOS SMART stepper motor diaphragm metering pumps provides a variety of attractive solutions. With the new stepper motor technology, even the smallest quantities can be metered with a high degree of accuracy. Homogeneous and pulsation-reduced metering is made possible by asynchronous running with different speeds during the suction and pressure strokes. Thanks to the further developed slow mode, higher viscosity media can be conveyed even more reliably and reproducibly. The new-generation MEMDOS SMART is available in seven variants with different functional scopes. It is available in two sizes.

The possible capacities range from 2.6 l/h at 20 bar to 30.7 l/h at 6 bar in the first size, and 58.5 l/h at 10 bar to 182 l/h at 4 bar in the second size.

Depending on the application, different materials and connections on the pressure and suction side can be used in the metering area.

Accessory sets consisting of hose, injection point and suction line are available for optimum results and quick installation.


Structure of the pump

(1) Variable display position: Individual mounting of the display attachment, facilitates operation.More flexibility when installing the pump.

(2) Intuitive operation: A clear user interface with structured menu navigation ensures simple and understandable operation.

(3) Leakage probe: optional diaphragm monitoring possible

(4) Inputs and outputs: Take over the monitoring and communication of an entire system with the appropriate Lutz-Jesco accessories.

(5) Bus interface: A bus interface is available as an option

(6) Variable mounting: The pump foot can be removed and attached to the side of the housing, thus enabling wall mounting without the need for an additional bracket.

The product advantages at a glance

  • Intelligent ✓ External sensors such as pressure sensor, flow sensor, water meter, and Flowcon can be evaluated.

  • Scalable ✓ Scalable analog and pulse input.

  • Security ✓ Password protection freely adjustable for different menu areas. For creating different user levels / releases.

  • Individual ✓ Freely programmable alarm relays. Display signal colors selectable for different warnings or messages.

  • Space-saving ✓ Compact design makes it the most space-saving stepper motor pump in its class.

  • Convenient ✓ The operating units are compatible with each other. One unit can be used for several pumps.

  • Clear ✓ Removable display for wall mounting when pump installation is difficult to access.

  • Intuitive operation ✓ Clear user interface with structured menu navigation ensures simple and understandable operation.

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