Ultravoilet - Potable Water

UV Drinking Water Treatment

Evoqua atg builds cutting-edge UV systems.  With independent 3rd party validated performance, UV disinfection is an accepted and widely used method for both the primary disinfection products of potable drinking water (followed by residual chlorine dosing) or as a secondary disinfection to provide a barrier against chlorine-resistant microorganisms such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

Specialising in both ultra-compact, medium pressure (polychromatic) UV systems and ultra-high output, low pressure amalgam (monochromatic) UV systems, we have designed and manufactured UV disinfection systems, integrated UV plants and mobile, turn-key UV packages for some of the worlds’ largest municipal water treatment works, treating over 240 MLD (10,000 m3/hr).
  • Primary Disinfection (Surface Water & Ground Water)
  • Secondary Barrier Disinfection (Cryptosporidium & 16 chlorine-resistant microorganisms)
  • De-chlorination

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