Water treatment for boiler feed water


Steam boilers are not only used in many industrial applications. They generate water vapour, which is used for heating, for industrial processes or to drive steam turbines.

Over time, salts accumulate in the steam boiler, because as water containing more or less salt is fed into it, only the chemically pure water escapes through evaporation. These salts are deposited as scale on the inner walls and reduce the efficiency of the boiler by deteriorating heat transfer. In addition, salts and dissolved gases lead to operating problems due to corrosion and rust formation.


Proper treatment of feed water prevents the build up of rust and scale, improves efficiency by reducing the need for blowdown and increases the service life of the system. The feed water needs to be treated differently depending on the pressure level and the mode of operation of the steam boiler.

Our boiler feed water treatment units cover a range of applications from simple softening to complex ultrapure water units with membrane degassingelectrodeionisation and online silica monitoring. In addition to industrial boilers, typical areas of application are district heating networks and waste-to-energy plants.

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