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The Chlor-Scale 150 is designed to weigh  70kg, chlorine and SO2 cylinders used at water treatment plants, well heads, booster stations and various industrial plants. A low overall height of 5cm allows cylinders to be easily rolled on and off without lifting. The wall mounted chaining bracket provides the safest possible installation by securing cylinders to the building structure itself.

Because the Chlor-Scale 150 has an all PVC platform with corrosion resistant fasteners and fittings, you can forget about corrosion normally associated with chlorine and sweating cylinders. Our incredibly simple pivoted platform design has no moving parts. This means that there are no flexures, levers or mechanical links that are susceptible to corrosion, bending or breaking.

The Chol-Scale 150 comes pre-calibrated and in most instances installations can easily and quickly be accomplished by plant personnel.

  • 100% PVC corrosion resistant platform
  • Stainless steel load cell
  • Simple rugged design – no moving parts!
  • Wall mounted chaining bracket/ tool rack
  • 4-20mA output included

The Chlor-Scale 150 is compatible with the SOLO G2 Digital Weight Indicator can independently monitor one or two cylinders and includes a 4-20MA output signal for each scale to allow remote monitoring.