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CO2 Controller Effective pH control in pool water


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The WaterPro CO2 Feeder is designed to utilise Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in the control of pH levels in pools and spas.  


  • 0-25 L/Min of air flow using a manually adjustable rotameter
  • Switch to set function, on, off, auto
  • Pre-wired for remote start/stop from swimming pool controller
  • Standard push connectors for 8mm O/D hose
  • Quality SMC air solenoid valve 
  • IP rated housing
  • Quality electrical componentory 

Advantages of CO2

  • No handling of corrosive acid containers,
  • No corrosion of equipment and facilities from acid fumes,
  • No dangerous chemical reactions with chlorine,
  • Less danger of excessive low pH in water. Because carbonic acid is a weak acid, the lowest pH value that can be reached is 6.8, even under accidental runaway conditions,


  • CO2 increases the alkalinity of water and is therefore not recommended for applications where high alkalinity is a problem. Total Alkalinity (TA) should be maintained between 80 and 125 ppm.
  • High alkalinity increases acid demand, makes it difficult to lower the pH and may result in the formation of bicarbonate scale.
  • High alkalinity may be reduced with muriatic acid HCl or dry acid.