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Cooling Tower Water Treatment Controller - AB2-V-CABG

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Our Dual Biocide, Inhibitor and Bleed controller installed in a cabinet is the ideal simple controller for NZ3666 compliance for cooling tower dosing.  All the basic features but a quality system designed for a long life.  
  • Digital controller & pumps in hinged lockable, PC+ABS cabinet, mounted with manifold on separate PVC back panel
  • On-board data logging
  • Black EPDM based squeeze tube with better chemical compatibility & longer tube life
  • Digital controller, pumps & manifold mounted on PVC back panel
  • Bleed Control – via solenoid valve
  • Inhibitor Dosing – reduces corrosion
  • Dual Biocide Dosing for system disinfection (via 10 x 28-day timer programs)
  • Pre-bleed & Bleed Lock-out
  • Self priming peristaltic pumps (1.3l/hr,3bar)
  • Condenser pump override facility during biocide dosing with delay-off timer
  • Fail-safe alarm relay with remote power failure detection
  • Options & variations available 

WaterPro can provide installation and commissioning, supply of suitable biocides, dispersants and inhibitors and on site services to ensure your cooling tower remains compliant.