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CVS Vacuum Changeover Unit

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The use of at least two gas cylinders is a precondition for a continuous gas supply.

Once the first gas cylinder is empty, the CVS vacuum changeover switch automatically switches to the second gas container. It enables an uninterrupted gas supply.

The vacuum changeover switch CVS utilises the negative pressure existing in the piping system and works without auxiliary power. The device switches between two gas cylinders without action by personnel and with the utmost reliability. When the first gas container is empty, the negative pressure rises and the device switches over to the second gas container. 

The CVS valve can be used on chlorine gas applications up to 10 kg/h


  • Compact design
  • Safe operation with vacuum technology
  • Without auxiliary power
  • No operator input required
  • Simple wall mounting
  • Optical position indicator
  • Optional electrical contacts for remote indication