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Sodium Hypochlorite Generator EasyMem 200-6000 Grams/Hour

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The EASYMEM membrane cell chlorine electrolysis systems produce a 3% chlorine bleaching lye from artificially produced NaCI brine and direct current at point of use.

The system runs automatically and provides fresh NaOCI solution to meet demand. It's simple operation and long service life set it apart and it is ideal for disinfecting swimming pools, drinking water and waste water and for industrial purposes.

EASYMEM membrane cell chlorine electrolysis systems are modular in construction producing from 200 to 6000 grams per hour of Sodium Hypochlorite @ 3% solutions strength.  

Standard systems consist of the following components:
  • Fully automatic ion exchange system
  • Salt dissolving and storage tank
  • Fully automatic electrolysis unit with membrane cell packages (PP/PVDF), water-cooled reactor (titanium), pump for brine, flow monitor, ATEX-tested fan
  • Electrical cabinet with power unit
  • Electrical cabinet with control unit (touch screen)
  • Product storage tank in collecting tank (protection against dry running, overfill monitor)