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Flow Through Chlorine Electrolysis TECHNOSTAR

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The Sale Water Chlorine TECHNOSTAR range disinfects swimming pool water without use or storage of any hazardous substances such as chlorine gas or chlorine bleach. The chlorine required for disinfection is produced on site from common NaCI salt - entirely safely and with a pleasant side effect: salted water.

The systems operate according to the SALT-WATER-LIGHT® method, the efficiency of which has been proven time and time again in private homes, hotels, therapy and exercise pools and indoor/outdoor municipal or commercial pools around the world.
  • Swimming pool water that is gentle to the skin
  • No reddened eyes, no irritation of the mucosa
  • No typical chlorine smell in the swimming pool
  • No chlorine chemicals
  • Salt for disinfection
  • Simple installation
  • Disinfection capacity adjustable
  • Low maintenance effort
  • Safe, economical and environmentally friend