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Lovibond MD200 Photometer 5 in 1 (Cl, pH, Alk, Cal, Cya)

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MD200 Photometer suitable for swimming pool applications. Measure and record accurate results of common pool parameters:Designed to meet the latest technical requirements, the Lovibond MD 200 Photometer can be used in practically every area of water analysis. The high-precision optics with its top-quality interference filters uses long-term stable LEDs as light-source. Because there are no moving parts, the entire measurement device requires absolutely no maintenance. Precise and reproducible analysis results are obtained in a short time. The units impress with their user-friendliness, ergonomic design, compact dimensions and easy handling.

To avoid unnecessary scrolling for the required test method, the Lovibond MD 200 Photometer memorizes the last method used before switching off the instrument. When the instrument is switched on again, the scroll list comes up with the last used test method first.

• Scroll Memory
• Automatic Switch-Off
• Real-Time-Clock and Date
• Calibration Mode Indicator
• Backlit Display
• Storage Function
• One Time Zero (OTZ)
• Waterproof* as defined in IP 68, 1 hour at 0.1 meter, buoyant

1 x Carrying Case
1 x MD200 Photometer
4 x Batteries (AA)
3 x Glass Vials with Lids
1 x Stirring Rod
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Syringe (6ml)
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x Guarantee Sheet
1 x Certificate of Compliance
100 x DPD1 Tablets
100 x DPD3 Tablets
100 x PHENOLRED Tablets
100 x ALKA-M Tablets
100 x CyA-TEST Tablets
100 x CALCIO-H No 1 Tablets
100 x CALCIO-H No 2 Tablets

Chlorine: 0.01 - 6.0 mg/l
pH: 6.5 - 8.4
Cyanuric Acid: 2 - 160 mg/l
Alkalinity: 5 - 200 mg/l
Calcium Hardness: 0 - 500 mg/l