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Lutz-Jesco Chlor Stop

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The pressure safety shutoff valve ChlorStop is designed to interrupt the chlorine gas supply or escape of chlorine gas directly from a chlorine tank following a chlorine alarm or the detection of positive pressure (e.g. by the safety blow-off valve PLUS).

The ChlorStop is fitted directly to the tank valve. The valve closes in the shortest-possible time through an electromagnet. This ensures the highest safety standard and prevents further escape of chlorine gas.

A control unit with an integrated safety relay and an uninterrupted power supply is optionally available. After the reception of an external signal e.g. from the chlorine detector, the control interrupts the power supply of up to 12 valves simultaneously.

  • Interruption of the chlorine gas supply directly from a chlorine tank valve
  • Shortest closing time with electromagnets
  • Direct connection e.g. for a chlorine vacuum regulator possible
  • Suitable for gaseous chlorine
  • Optional control unit for simultaneous closing of up to 12 valves
  • Simple start-up
  • Simple and space-saving installation
  • Low maintenance effort
  • For chlorine gas in accordance with DIN EN 15363 and 937