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Resinex™ A-4 UB is a high purity, premium grade, strongly basic gel-type anion exchange resin type 1, specially designed for achieving very low silica leakage in water demineralisation applications.

The product is a bead type, crosslinked polystyrenedivinylbenzene copolymer resin that offers a good resistance to physical and mechanical breakage and organic fouling.

The selected bead distribution of Resinex™ A-4 UB - very close to monodisperse - is especially adapted for all modern counter-current systems (i.e. Schwebebett, UPCORE,..) and mixed bed systems. 

Typical Applications

• Demineralisation in industrial water treatment systems together with Resinex™ K-8 UB
• Polishing mixed-bed together with Resinex™ K-8 UB