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Sodium Hypochlorite Generator EasyChlorgen 240-8400 Grams / Hour

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The EASYCHLORGEN sodium hypochlorite systems generate sodium hypochlorite from brine by electrolysis. The sodium hypochlorite has a concentration of <1%

As the sodium hypochlorite solution produced is not aggressive and is very low on minerals, extensive cleaning and descaling of the injection nozzles is no longer required.

Conventional sodium hypochlorite losses up to 20 % of the chlorine it contains during storage. The 1 % sodium hypochlorite generated by EASYCHLORGEN does not require any additives; its chlorine contents remains stable over months.

Generated in close proximity to the process, the direct storage and dosing of sodium hypochlorite rules out accidental spillage of the sodium hypochlorite and contract with the operating personnel.

Safety conscious
  • Delivery and Storage of SALT
  • NO toxic dangers to staff & neighbours
  • NO hazardous waste disposal
  • NO chemical handling

Easy to use

  • Fill saturator with salt
  • NO remedial maintenance of chlorine injector
  • NO technical intervention required by the operator
  • Low hazard system


  • Minimal recyclable packaging
  • Reduced transportation
  • Low environmental impact


  • Annual Test & Inspection
  • 2 Year Service Interval
  • 2 - 5 Year Warranty
  • 6 - 8 year typical electrolyser life


  • Low cost of salt
  • Reduced pH correction chemical costs
  • Reduced operator labour
  • Low service costs