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Softcontrol RM

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Automatically trigger water softener regeneration.  

The efficiency of a water softener operation can be improved using online monitoring of water hardness and consequently water softener regeneration.  

The Softcontrol RM monitors soft water for increased hardness concentrations as well as the external regeneration release of the softener for quality-controlled duplex water softening systems.


  • Monitoring of variable water hardness threshold values from 0.01 mmol/l to 0.18 mmol/l
  • Quality-controlled regeneration release of two columns
  • Continuous measurement as long as water flows
  • Ecological operation because there is no use of indicators
  • Self-monitoring of the device system
  • Separate alarm for water hardness and service
  • Measuring value output via display and via 4 to 20 mA current loop
  • Manual control via display
  • Data storage in electronic operations diary (flash drive)
  • Easy installation and parameterization
  • Networking to higher-level control centers via LAN interface with MODBUS/TCP


  • Hard water to service
  • High water consumption due to excessive regeneration 
  • Excessive boiler water chemistry


  • Increase in soft water throughput compared to volume controlled operation    
  • High efficiency for regeneration and reduced salt consumption
  • Alarms for hard water events