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Ultra Filtration

by Herco
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In many cases, ultrafiltration allows the use of alternative sources of raw water instead of tap water, thus conserving this vital resource (e.g. surface water or well water) instead of tap water 
  • Ultrafiltrate is the perfect raw water to supply reverse osmosis units 
  • Fully automatic operation with cyclic backwash of the UF membranes with ultrafiltrate 
  • Recommended for raw water with a high particle concentration between 20 and 0.2 μm and a turbidity of > 1 NTU 
  • Fully automatic operation using a Siemens PLC Controller S-1200 with convenient touch screen interface 
  • Backwash tank/cleaning tank with high-capacity, frequency controlled backwash pump included
  • Skid Mounted, supplied ready to use, connect services and associated treatment equipment and you are ready to operate.  

Pre-treatment of the raw water with flocculation / precipitation and gravel filter or disc filter is recommended.

A standard product range is available along with custom build to customer specifications option.  Contact WaterPro for further information.