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V-COR 221 Corrosion Inhibitor

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V-COR 221 corrosion inhibitor is a liquid blend of sodium bisulphite and a specially selected catalytic agent, which will not interfere with boiler operations. V-COR 221 used to prevent corrosion in steam generating systems by removing dissolved oxygen from feedwater and boiler water.

V-COR 221 reacts with oxygen in water almost instantaneously even at low temperatures. This rapid rate of reaction provides greater protection to the boiler and
pre-boiler section, especially where mechanical deaeration is not complete.

Product Benefits

  • Complete and rapid neutralisation of dissolved oxygen
  • allowing flexibility on addition point.
  • Protection against oxygen corrosion of pre-boiler
  • system and vapour space in the boiler.
  • Simple testing and control.

V-COR 221 is available for sale in 20, 200 and 1000 KG product sizes.  

For user instructions please please refer to the Product Data Sheet or consult a WaterPro Technical Consultant.  For Safety Information, please refer to the SDS Sheet.