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V-COR 222 Corrosion Inhibitor

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V-COR 222 corrosion inhibitor is a liquid treatment formulated to chemically remove oxygen from feedwater, boiler water and condensate in steam generating systems. Additionally, it passivates iron and copper surfaces, rendering them more resistant to corrosion.

V-COR 222 is the ideal product for plants desiring the benefits of an organic reducing agent treatment without the potential for chemical handling problems. These benefits include complete oxygen removal, thus preventing pitting-type corrosion; passivation of metal surfaces through the formation of magnetite and cuprous oxide films; and, the minimisation of iron and copper deposits in the boiler by reducing these metals to their more soluble ferrous and cuprous forms.

V-COR 222 is particularly well-suited for use in food industry plants, including high pressure boilers, where the steam produced contacts food products. The organic reducing agent in V-COR 222 is more thermally stable than sulphite-based products and unlike some volatile treatments, is FDA acceptable.

Product Benefits

  • Very low hazard product, which translates to reduced chemical exposure and environmental risk.
  • Passivates metallic surfaces as well as chemically removing oxygen.
  • Can be fed to a variety of locations including the condensate to give corrosion protection throughout the steam cycle system.

    V-COR 222 is available for sale in 20, 200 and 1000 KG product sizes.  

    For user instructions please please refer to the Product Data Sheet or consult a WaterPro Technical Consultant.  For Safety Information, please refer to the SDS Sheet.