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V-TREAT 300 Closed System Inhibitor

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V-TREAT 300 scale and corrosion inhibitor is a molybdate-nitrite based product which gives excellent corrosion inhibition in water systems.

It is recommended for corrosion control in closed cooling and hot water circuits, chilled water systems and engine cooling. It can also be used for passivating mild steel surfaces.

V-TREAT 300 contains a specific inhibitor for copper and copper alloys and can be used to protect aluminium. 

Product Benefits 

  • Provides corrosion protection across a variety of metallurgies commonly found in combustion engines and industrial cooling and heating systems. 
  • Wide operating window. 
  • Simple testing and control required. 

V-TREAT 300 is available for sale in 20, 200 and 1000 KG product sizes.  

For user instructions please please refer to the Product Data Sheet or consult a WaterPro Technical Consultant.  For Safety Information, please refer to the SDS Sheet.