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Vacuum regulator C 2214

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The Lutz-Jesco C 2214 full-vacuum gas regulator is ideal for New Zealand's compact gas chlorination applications.

Built of robust materials, it's designed for hard work and serviceability.

The C2214 vacuum controller automatically closes with loss of line vacuum. The relief valve opens when there is negative pressure on the vacuum side and it lets gas exit through a separate connection or vent to safety.

  • Output with chlorine gas: up to 4 kg/hr
  • Gas filter
  • Safety relief valve
  • Residual pressure safety device
  • Connections - CGA V-1 (820 Yoke) or G3/4" (AS2473)
  • Connection for PE-hose 8/12 mm
  • Flowmeter with manual adjustment (option)
  • Pressure gauge (option)
  • Empty gauge contacts (option)
  • 3-year warranty