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V-GUARD 232 Scale Inhibitor

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V-GUARD 232 scale inhibitor is a multicomponent liquid blend of polyphosphate, polymer, dispersants and sequestering agents for prevention of scale deposits in
steam boilers. V-GUARD 232 is highly effective against a range of deposits due to its multicomponent formulation.

Product Benefits

  • Effective against a wide range of deposit-forming contaminants found within the boiler system such as iron, hardness, silica and organic materials.
  • Effective at solubilising existing deposits and cleaning dirty boiler surfaces on-line.
  • Provides added protection against elevated levels of hardness during periods of poor feedwater quality control.

V-GUARD 232 is available for sale in 20, 200 and 1000 KG product sizes.  

For user instructions please please refer to the Product Data Sheet or consult a WaterPro Technical Consultant.  For Safety Information, please refer to the SDS Sheet.